About me

About Me

I first came across this strange modelling material a long time ago, as an art student in Poland. The clay was pliable but did not dry out as quickly as ceramic and when fired, retained the delicate look of porcelain but had the strength of resin and to my delight coloured beautifully to any shade I wanted. It also had a curious characteristic of “remembering” its original shape - once fired it always springs back to its original form even if it becomes distorted later. Moreover, it was light and simply ideal for the jewellery I had been designing for some time and which - for the lack of the right medium - had to be kept at a drawing stage only.

In the early 80-s, after graduating in textile design and already settled in London, I recalled my spell as a jewellery designer and with the desire of looking for something to do, started a small business, re-creating my old designs, adding new ideas - such as the decorated pottery. A couple of friendly potters created vases in shapes I had suggested and a new design was born - a bowl or vase with a cluster of flowers climbing down its side, looking in, growing out of its surface. Most of my designs are based on my favourite flower - the rose. My ambition is to create with every item of jewellery or decorated pot, the idea of a miniature living plant, with a complicated array of twigs, leaves, buds and flowers. I adore making them, creating every one as a unique object, different to the previous, constantly changing colours and adding new elements.


At present, my products include such staple jewellery items as brooches in various sizes and shapes – some like intricate Victorian medallions, delicate earrings (in drop, stud and clip-on versions), flamboyant bouquet necklaces and hair clips. I have recently added to my range a collection of exquisite floral bridal tiaras and wedding jewellery. Each tiara, made with best quality Swarovski crystals, crystal pearls and individually made roses, lilies, perfectly shaped leaves and other floral elements is a one-off piece – created for each unique bride. There is also a range of wedding jewellery to match – smaller version of tiaras for bridesmaids, necklaces, earrings, corsages and smaller hair ornaments. Even matching tie pins and cuff links for the groom are provided. This is an ever-changing and growing collection; when one items disappears from it forever another one replaces it – different but equally beautiful.

Jewellery is a medium of information between people. It fulfils human desire of auto creation. Who am I?

Through my jewellery I send some signals to the world which are not understood by everyone, and those, sadly, don’t interest me. I create for those who accept my style. I also create for friends; those who I know and those whom I haven’t met yet.


Welcome to my special area

I would like it to be a showcase for my work in progress, my inspirations and to share my thoughts with you. I am hoping to unveil first snaps of my new products and describe how work on them progressed.

Many Victorias

When all the Victoria tiaras were ready I put them all together and the effect was quite spectacular. Shame my photographic skills are quite poor and can’t show the full glory and sparkle of the assembled tiaras. They looked like exotic glittering jewels.

Work in progress

January 2008. Christmas just behind us and work on some new bouquet earrings has just begun. You can see the results in Bouquet Earrings Category, what’s left of that batch. They were quite pretty and very fast sellers.

A splendid tiara

One of my favourites – tiara with large pink roses and just a few sparkling pink crystals. Long gone, I am afraid.

My studio

A view of my busy studio. I am working on some Crystal Rose necklaces, if I remember. Please notice the ever-present cup of tea; I go through very many of them a day.

Precious china tiaras

Again, a couple of tiaras put together. The creamy white flowers look like unglazed porcelain and the delicate Swarovski crystals sparkle like glittering snow.


Do you think this is messy? Have you seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Out of this chaos a new tiara is born. I am not sure what to call it yet. It is of a beautiful clotted cream/ antique white colour and sparkles with very rarely used (as that kind is expensive!) high lustre Swarovski crystals.

These are a few of my favourite websites. You might enjoy looking at them too.

http:// www.lebombonieredidonbaggio.blogspot.com